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Future Digital Marketing Trends

As the world continues to rely more digitally in many aspects of life it’s crucial to watch and observe the trends, new technologies, and even new strategies in marketing. I predict that conversion rate optimization, influencer, and marketing automation will be the key drivers to digital marketing. With recent World health discoveries from Covid, we have been catapulted to testing the waters in a fully digital atmosphere from elementary children in full online school to a coin shortage encouraging society to pay digitally.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors to a business’s website by taking an action or marketing strategy and focusing on that tool. While focusing on that tool the CRO process is handled similarly to the scientific method. First, the marketer must gather preliminary research along with the necessary key performance indicators. Then finding the hypothesis, implementing, and analyzing the results. This process is a continuous cycle in growing and building the best possible scenarios/process possible. Additionally, as the digital world grows it becomes more and more important to have traffic on a business’s website.

While advertising, such as display ads or social media marketing is great, it does not bring the consumer to the place in which they can make a purchase and truly bring revenue to the company. It was found that the average return on investment from CRO tools estimated a 223% increase in visitors (Duggar-Herd, 2018). CRO marketing also is a great strategy in not only growing the number of visitors to the website but perfecting strategies through a revised and refined the process. With the ever so fast-changing world this process allows for the little changes in the target audience, such as fads and interests, to help modify marketing strategies (Hello Bar, n.d). Overall CRO will provide great tracking and measurements to the growing and changing target market and their reaction and effects to the digital world.

Influencer marketing is the use of a well-known social media account/person for marketing a service or product through use and reviews of a company’s service/product on their (influencer) social media account. While there can be different tiers ranging from smaller local influencers (like a smaller city mayor, or a neighborhood head of their HOA) to larger worldly known influencers (like Kylie Jenner). Influencer marketing reaches directly into specified groups of interest in a target market. While Kylie Jenner, a social media influencer, has interests such as health, beauty, and make up her followers would contain the same interests along with being in a generalized age group.