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Why You Need an Audience on Social Media

Updated: Feb 7

A Weixin Case Study Analysis

Photographer: Ivan Abreu/Bloomberg

What a more wonderful way to be able to access all of your needs from social, financial, shopping, and much more in one app! Often time we rely on fast and reliable speeds for technology and will take any shortcuts necessary – I know I do!

A Chinese-developed app called Weixin (pronounced way-shin) makes all of this possible. The app offers just about everything in one, including taxi services! A comparable US social media platform is Facebook, however, in the grand scheme of things Weixin offers far more than Facebook does.

Weixin application in-app capabilities – Chozan

Developing the Right Audience for Social Media

One of the greatest attributes of the platform for marketers is the possibility of learning, tracking, and understanding your consumer’s behaviors. With the ever-changing perspectives of the world between trends and fads, including your consumer’s needs and wants, marketers would be able to see how these changes affect shopping, social, and even the decision-making process.