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Marketing Perspective: Social Media Influencers Impact in Marketing

Updated: May 29

We analyzed The Influencers and the impact influencers have on social media on marketing.

In the dynamic realm of influencer marketing, businesses effectively tap into both B2C (business to consumer) and B2P (business to person) channels. A centralized approach, exemplified by King Bach's Jimmy Johns campaign, targets audiences who admire both the product and the influencer. Conversely, individualized marketing, such as Logan Paul's Dunkin’ Donuts commercial, tailors content for viewers who resonate with the influencer and share similar preferences.

This strategy offers businesses a swift and direct connection to their target market, surpassing the traditional delays associated with waiting for consumers to engage on social media or respond to emails. Influencer marketing opens a gateway to immediate views and accelerates audience reach. Companies employing this tactic benefit from streamlined ad delivery to millions within a concise timeframe, often at a negotiated cost with influencers.

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Logan Paul's cost-effective Dunkin’ Donuts ad, with over 5 million views at a mere $200,000, exemplifies how this approach can be economical. The one-day, ad-libbed shoot demonstrated a cost of approximately 0.04 cents per view, showcasing the efficiency of influencer marketing. Influencers like Amanda Cerny, with her rapid 35,000 views on Snapchat within five minutes, highlight the unparalleled speed at which influencer posts garner attention compared to traditional business posts.

Trust and reliability are pivotal elements in influencer marketing. The audience's swift response to influencer content stems from the trust that the influencer will entertain, inform, or even evoke emotions. As Andrew Bachelor (King Bach) noted, the trust extends to the brand choices the influencer makes. The perceived alignment between the influencer, the business, and the consumer fosters a sense of trust, making influencer marketing a potent tool for B2C and B2P marketing.

In essence, influencer marketing transcends traditional marketing hurdles, providing businesses with faster, cost-effective, and trust-driven avenues to connect with their target audience.

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